DIRT! Creative Encounters/Thoughtful Exchanges

Students come to Franklin Pierce University for many reasons but when they graduate they are
enriched by the experiences and knowledge gained by living and working in an academic community.
However, much of the workings of any institution of higher education are easily overlooked, and often
the people who live and work on campus are unaware of the diversity and richness that can be found here.

During the fall of 2011, the New England Center for Civic Life in collaboration with Tamara Reynolds,
artist-in-residence, developed an Art and Dialogue project. Students from 10 courses participating in
DIRT! were asked to have a thoughtful exchange with a University employee and then document it in a
creative way. Each student was paired with a partner and each was responsible for capturing the other’s
exchange in words and images. Each student then created a wiki page using photos, illustrations, color,
typography, and text that included meaningful phrases, quotations, interviews, and biographical information.
Over 100 students had thoughtful exchanges with approximately 90 Franklin Pierce employees.
(Several employees were asked to participate by more than one student.)

Please click through the students’ names on the left side of the page to view their wiki page.

For more information about Tamara Reynolds' work, please visit http://tamarareynolds.us.
The site was created and maintained by Kelsey Painter, Graduate Assistant, New England Center for Civic Life.

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