Alexis Olmsted

Eric Cone and I on October 19th at 7am - "cleaning man" and certified
personal trainer

Eric L. Cone is at first glance just simply the guy that cleans the bathroom of my third floor suite in Chesire very early in fact, so if you see him at all you may not noticed being half asleep still his cheerful “goodmorning” and smile as you mumble some sort of response. The first time I talked with him I was sitting in the common room after being up all night doing homework, and honestly I was a little offset by him trying to have a conversation with me, being that I was extremely exhausted and admittedly judged him as a bit creepy, though I think he was just asking how I was and why I was out there, looking back on it now feel a bit embaressed for having felt that way towards this sweet man who was just trying to be friendly.
After asking Mr. Cone about why he is cleaning bathrooms I learned that he has a side cleaning business, which he started doing in college working for home health care. The most suprising and interesting thing that I learned about him, was that he was a star quarterback in high school and at one point wanted to become a chef, but has aways loved sports. His love for sports developed even more when he was the fitness director at the YMCA, and there got his strength and fitness leader certification before pursuing a degree in Sports Management at Keene State. Eric lives in NJ and has a wife and daughters to support, that’s why here though he offers personal training sessions (first two are free than $10 a session after that) at the bubble on campus but the school doesn’t pay him for it, so he cleans to support his family. In NJ, he lives about ten minutes away from Manhaten and could be hired there as a personal trainer but he says that he loves the NE area too much to go work in the city. The thing that I also found really interesting about his drive to be a personal trainer and what he loves about it, is the smile on peoples faces and the satisfactiont they get out of doing the programs and seeing their results. This “exchange” has completely changed my view of him, as well as encouraged me to talk to more people before assuming anything about who they are or what they do.