Interviewer: Alyssa Dolson
Interviewee: Gina Marie-Mazerolle
Position: Peer Leader, Sophomore at Franklin Pierce University
Date/Time/Location of Interview : Tuesday, 5:30 P.M. Library

Interviewing my Peer Leader, Gina

Interview Questions:
Q: When did you start becoming a Peer Leader?
A: I became a peer leader in the beginning of last Spring

Q:What made you want to become a Peer Leader?
A:The main reason why I wanted to become one was to be able to help students when they were in need, or had questions about anything. I wanted to be there for others because I know that freshman have a lot of questions they may not want to anyone else, so I like being there for them to answer those questions. I was honestly scared at first, but when I started doing this, I loved it.

Q: How do you apply to become a Peer Leader?
A: I had to go through an individual interview and a group interview, then I found out I got the job right after!

Q:What do you like/dislike about being a Peer Leader?
A: I love being able to help students, and most of all my peer group. I love being able to give students advice on questions they may have, and i love being a go-to person. I honestly don't dislike anything! At first I was a little scared, but not anymore!

Q: What are some activities you like to do as being a Peer Leader?
A: Anything! I love being crazy and having fun with my peer kids! Sometimes we will have pizza parties, eat dinner together at the caf, or will do fun group activities as a peer group.

Q: Does having this position take up a lot of your time?
A: YES. ( big capital letters) It takes up so much of my time, and I have to be able to manage my time well.

Q: Do you get paid for this position?
A: No, not at all

Q: What is the best thing you enjoy about being a Peer Leader?
A: I love seeing the transition from Freshman to Orientation to now. I love seeing how students change and grow, and are able to find that group of friends they can do everything with.

Q: Would you become a Peer Leader again?
A: Definitely! I love being a Peer Leader!

Q: Can you be a Peer Leader more than once? Would you reccomend this position for new students?
A: You can definitely be a Peer Leader more than once! I woudl reccomend this position for anyone, but you need to be able to manage your time well or it can really clog up your schedule.