Anastasia Perullo
Lynn Chandler
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
October 28, 2011

Lynn Chandler is an amazing teacher that is very well-rounded in her career. She's from West Hampton, RI and attented University of Hartford for Psychology. The school offered her a free degree if she worked for the communications department in return. She earned her degree in Education and as soon as she was done, she was ready for work. A professor told her if she wants to be hired she would have to go to Las Vegas. She moved out there and taught for ten years. Here she struggled with underprivelaged kids that were known for gangs. She worked with many of them, and still keeps in contact with some to this day. She came back to the East Coast because she had two children and thought it would be much safer for them. She has been teaching at Franklin Pierce University for five years.


In this interview, I asked if she considered teaching to be a job or a calling. For Chandler it was a simple question. She had no doubt that she wanted to help people in her life. A professor told her it was too depressing to be a psychologist and if you wanted to help someone, education was your bet. Teaching was her true calling. She said "I wouldn't be able to afford to be a teacher if it was just a job." It was long working days, but the benefits of helping people surpassed everything else. Chandler wants to be remembered for how much she personally cares about her students. Many of her students in Las Vegas had many troubled family lives. One in particular was named Crystal, her father had killed her mother. She was an excellent student and was many teacher's favorties. Chandler was the only teacher to attend the funeral. She said, "a teacher's job is never done."

I also asked Chandler what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was like none i have ever heard before. She wanted to be a meteoroligist. In front of the camera, reporting the daily weather. As a child she would make weather machines out of any gadget she might be able to find.

One thing that Lynn Chandler would like to add to franklin Pierce would be adding educational programs, such as physical education and early childhood.