Anna Milne
Nancy Lloyd- English professor at Franklin Pierce University, B.A., Hunter College of CUNY, M.A., New York University
October 18, 2011- 2:00 p.m.- Petrocelli Hall
Meeting with Professor Lloyd changed my perception on her classroom, and her teaching techniques. By doing this interview, I learned the significance of getting to know one's professor more than just as a teacher. An educator does not need to only be seen as an instructor of a classroom, but can also be a peer, and someone to look up to. I learned that Professor Lloyd's favorite part of teaching is similar to the realization I came to. She loves getting to know her students for more than just seat placements. She enjoys the fact that she can empower her students to stand up and speak out. Throughout the years, Professor Lloyd has discovered that through writing assignments, her students express themselves like they never would in any other classroom. She is grateful that she has the opportunity to be there for students in that manner.