Anne Fyffe
Chris Johnson- Experience Director of the sophmore area
Tuesday October 18th 330pm outside of residential life office

When I had my exchange with Chris Johnson I learned a lot about his first baby on the way. There’s a baby boy on the way for Chris and his wife Kelly. Chris is a very creative person when it came to choosing a name for the baby. He put both the Patriots and the Red Sox roster in front of him and went down the list and came across Wes Welker. He said to his wife "How about Wesley?" and she liked it as well. When it came to the baby's potential middle name, Scott, Chris said "it came to me in a dream". My immediate response was, "like Martin Luther King?"I was impressed that he could admit that he was not ready for the baby but he would be that the time the baby was born. I really enjoyed my conversation with Chris; he is a great person and a great person to talk to.