Tony Mastrocola, Grounds, Maintenance Facilities
Location – Tony’s dorm room
Time – 6 p.m. – 6: 20 p.m.
Q: What is your job?
A: Grounds man

Q: What made you apply for this job at the school and why?
A: I needed money for the upcoming college year and for gas with my truck as well. I also had a similar job at home. I was an Assistant Maintenance Manager for the town pool and also had my own landscaping business.

Q: Is there any specific training someone should acquire/need prior to working here on grounds?
A: If you have worked maintenance before then you have worked with most of the tools already and can do the work more easily. That is my case, but if you are un-trained then you need preparation before you are allowed to work if you get the job. Having a background in a prior job for a new one is usually useful.

Q: Do you find it hard balancing schoolwork with your job? If so, what is hard?
A: Not really, I have a certain amount of hours that I am scheduled to work per week. One week for myself is Monday through Friday. I am allowed to work 20 hours per week maximum. I have a pretty open schedule so I have time for a job. I also don’t play a sport so I have time for other things like this.

Q: How often do you find yourself working daily (hours)?
A: I work Monday through Friday, 20 hours a week tops like I had said previously. For the most part I work 3-4 hours a day in the afternoon. Sometimes I work Saturday for an event on campus likes athletics, open houses, important events, etc.

Q: What do you find most difficult in your job? Easiest?
A: The most difficult thing per say is very tedious jobs. Ones that aren’t appealing and just suck to do over and over again. Personally, taking out the garbage is the most tedious and difficult job. No one wants to do it and I have it often. The easiest job is either moving certain objects around, plowing or shoveling snow, and or cutting grass with the mower. These don’t take much effort and you can do them pretty easily.

Q: What interests you about this job (what do you like)? Dislike?
A: I like that it is fun for myself. I’m always busy around the campus with different activities or jobs to accomplish. Not that monotonous and I don’t find myself getting “bored” that easily. I like being outside and working and since I’m on grounds I can do that and enjoy my work for the most part. I dislike the “bad jobs”. Like I said earlier, I hate doing garbage so that’s something I dislike. No one likes to do a boring, shitty job for grounds because then you will really not want to work.

Q: If you couldn’t choose this job, what else would you choose?
A: Maintenance, but it would deal with buildings rather than the grounds because I know a lot of structural information.