Bethany Edwards
Dr. Bennett, Professor, Biology Department
Science Lab, Tuesday, October 18, 2011 9:00 am

Going into the interview cool, calm, and with sense of preparation, I originally anticipated a very brief meeting. Choosing to interview Dr. Bennett was not only based on him being my advisor but also based on my curiosity on how he became a professor at Franklin Pierce University. The path to his current career has taken interesting turns that he did not plan on. Dr. Bennett recalled what he woud reiterate to himself and others while he was in college “I will never get married, have children or go to medical school.” Chuckling at his old mindset, he claims that he could not be happier with where he is in life today. Dr. Bennett attended Eastern Carolina University. Over time Dr. Bennett had worked multiple jobs, and finally became comfortable working as a research technician, where he was pushed by one of his superiors and friend to go to medical school. He attended Pennsylvania State Hershey Medical School where he met his wife and over time found direction to work in a family practice setting instead of doing research. Seven years and four kids later, Dr. Bennett and his wife decided to change direction and he would spend more time at home while she worked. Dr. Bennett worked at Hesser College before coming to Franklin Pierce University. He currently teaches two sections of Biology and one section of IC101.
This interview helped me see that there is more than one to reach a career goal. Myself, going to college for a year, working for a year and finally returning to school has been difficult mentally in several ways. I learned that you can take your time, or hurry up, but in the end do what makes you happy and do it at the pace that is right for you. Because in the end you will be where you are supposed to, with the right amount of determination and hard work.