Brennan Whalen, Tuesday November 1st, 2011, Corrine Saari, Sodexho Supervisor

Corrine Saari is a supervisor in the Sodexho dining hall. She has working in this position for 10 years, shifting through different variations of relatively similar jobs. She took this job because her 5 children were of college age and living in the are, she thought it prudent to take the job and earn some income. Saari loves working on this campus; she says her job includes great benefits like vacation time and a host of great coworkers, but her favorite part is being with the students day in and day out, really getting to know them. She was surprised at how the students actually approached her at times, asking questions and initiating conversations. She thought she would just be a nameless face putting out food for a horde of ravenous college students but was pleasantly surprised at how personal the college was. As of now Saari sees no end to her career here, but expects at some point to retire and be a full time grandma for her 11 grandchildren. Interview_Picture.jpg