Caitlyn Durden
The exchange that I did was with Doug Carty who is the Director of Campus Recreation. The exchange was conducted on October 13th and was done at about 3pm. When I interviewed him, we were in his office which is located inside the bubble. The first question that I asked was what were the daily jobs that have to be done to make the bubble work successfully. In response he said, he has to make sure the staff is well trained and on time for their shift, keep the weight room well organized, and has to make sure the computer software works. The next question I asked was what is his favorite part of his job. He thought his favorite part of his job is when he runs a program and a lot of people actually show up to it. The last question I asked him was if he was not doing that job and could have an alternate one on campus what would it be. Doug said, “I would want to do something in grounds keeping because I would love to get to use a chain saw or power tools all day and I like to work with my hands.” When I was doing the exchange, Doug was sitting down at his desk. Also, while in his office there were three other people in his office working. He seemed a little hesitant at first to answer the questions, but once the exchange started, he was fine. I picked Doug because I wanted to do the exchange with someone that works with athletics or recreation, and someone that knows a lot about the bubble. I felt good after the exchange because I got to learn about something I am interested in and meet some of the people that help make this school run well.
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