Casey Brait
Partner : Jill Pehrson

Casey Brait- So Michael, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do?
Michael Black- I’m a freshman here at Franklin Pierce and class president of 2015.

CB- What made you want to run for the position of class president?
MB- Well I held many positions similar to this throughout my high school career. I felt like I can make a positive difference to the class.

CB- Do you have any events planned for this year?
MB-This year I’m proud to say that we already have plans for a super bowl party, and we are in the process of planning a powderpuff game for mid-November.

CB- When you were a little kid did you want to be president of theUnited States?
MB-I honestly did, ever since I was a young boy the idea of being in charge and helping was my main goal.

CB- Why did you choose Franklin Pierce?
MB-I really enjoy the small town demographic and setting, and the idea that I can know many people is something that greatly drew me to this school.

CB- What are your plans after Franklin Pierce?
MB- Right now, I am still trying to decide but I am hoping to enter politics and be more connected to what has happening in this country.

CB- so the whole election process must have been nerve-racking, were you nervous?
MB-I was extremely nervous on election day, and I was beyond relieved when I received the email that night concerning the results!

CB- Are you involved in any clubs?
MB- Yes I am, I am involved in the newspaper here and write editorials for the Pierce arrow political team. I am also involved with FPTV with the weekly newscast. I am also involved with SGA as president of the class.

CB- How did you campaign to overall win your election?
MB-I spread the word throughout the halls, and printed out small flyers to hang around halls and hand out.

CB- Do you plan on re-running for class president at the end of the year?
MB- Yes I am, and I look forward to running for as long as I am eligible.

I interview Mike Black, our class president, in his rooms as he was looking over some budget cuts and notes. It was 10 pm on Sunday night, October 16th, 2011. I felt comfortable interviewing him as he is a very professional and easy going guy. He was answering the questions no problem and looked like he liked talking about what he did! I felt good coming away from the interview. We have a great person