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Professor Flynn - College Professor, Psychologist

October 20th, 2011 - 3:00pm
Throughout my many years of being a student and the teachers who taught me, I have never been more inspired Professor Flynn. I remember the first time I met Professor Flynn at an open house in late spring. He insisted on being my advisor and look after me during my time at Franklin Pierce University. So, when ask who I wanted to interview and get some 'dirt' on them, I knew I wanted to ask Flynn. My first question for him, was why did he become a psychologist and also a professor. His answer was simple and straight to the point. Flynn wanted to help students at the college level learn and grow, but also give them the emotional or physical help they needed. Being a psychologist is my dream profession and one that I would anything to become. I realize the number of years of college I have to attend to achieve this, but sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it. The second question I asked Flynn, was if all those years of school, homework and money were worth it. His response one I knew the answer too, since I know he loves his job. He wouldn't change anything about his career. I look up to Professor Flynn and I hope one day to follow in his footsteps.