Courtney Madore
Ashely Russell, CA, Reslife
Location: MW 041
Time: 6:30 pm

I interviewed my CA, Ashley Russell. I chose to interview her because I wanted to know what she thought about being a CA. Her first response was that it is fun. She gets to make door tags and bulletin boards which is one of her favorite parts. She also gets to be on duty four times a month and she gets to pick who she is on duty with. She says its a 24/7 job because even if she isn’t on duty she is on call and can write anyone up at any time. Her least favorite part of being a CA is writing people up. She said it makes the people she writes up have a bad impression on her, making them hate her when all she is really doing is her job.
This got me wondering what I would do if I was written up and how I would react to the CA. It also go me thinking how I would deal with being a CA. I do not think I could handle it because even though she is only on duty four times a month, it really is a job all the time.